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In compliance with Peru’s Data Protection Act, Law No. 29733, 69 Explorer is dedicated to the secure management of your personal data. We ensure the confidentiality of your information, utilizing it exclusively for addressing your queries, responding to your requests, and informing you about the services you have used or other pertinent information.

To access certain services or content, you may be required to provide personal details, which will be used solely for the intended purposes. This could include your name, email address, birthdate, gender, city and country of origin, as well as specific preferences. We assure you that we will only request the necessary information needed to fulfill your requests.

Your data privacy is a paramount concern for us at 69 Explorer. We pledge not to share or disclose your information without your explicit consent, except in these scenarios: if legally mandated by an authorized entity, or if essential for this platform to enforce terms of use, safeguard other users, or maintain the website’s integrity.

Why choose us

These popular destinations have a lot to offer

At 69 Explorer, we are committed to providing an exceptional experience. Your safety, comfort, and enjoyment are our top priorities. We continuously strive to exceed expectations and ensure that every trip with us becomes a cherished memory.


Local Experience

Our guides are locals with extensive knowledge about the history, myths, and secrets of the region.

Small personalized groups

Our groups never exceed 10 people, giving you an unforgettable experience

Our experience

Our With seven years of experience and more than 20 packages to Machu Picchu alone, our team knows how to carry out a successful expedition.

Sustainable Travel

We believe in responsible tourism. Our tours are designed to respect the local communities and environment, ensuring a positive impact.