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Choquequirao Trek 5 Days

Duration 5 days - 4 nights
Travel Style Adventure, hike, trekking
Difficulty challenging
Group size Min 2 - Max 8

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with 69 Explorer as we guide you through the majestic 5-Day Choquequirao Trek. This journey promises an immersive experience into the heart of the Peruvian Andes. This trek is not just a hike; it’s a passage through time, culture, and nature.

As we set off on this journey, we’ll traverse diverse landscapes, ranging from lush cloud forests to rugged mountain terrains. Each day, we’ll hike between 8 to 15 km (5 to 9 mi), ensuring a fast pace. The breathtaking vistas of the Apurimac Valley will accompany us, providing a backdrop that evolves with every step we take.

The pinnacle of our expedition will be the arrival at Choquequirao, known as the ‘Sister City of Machu Picchu’. This lesser-known Inca site, perched at an altitude of 3,050 m (10,000 ft), remains shrouded in mystery. As we explore these ruins, we’ll delve into the history of the Inca civilization, uncovering stories and legends that bring these stone walls to life.

Our trek is meticulously planned to ensure maximum comfort and safety. We will navigate steep ascents and descents, with some days involving up to 1,500 m (4,921 ft) in elevation change. Our experienced guides, well-versed in the area’s history and biodiversity, will be with us every step of the way. They will provide insights into the local flora and fauna, enhancing our connection with this enchanting landscape.

Nights will find us camping under the stars, where we will enjoy hearty meals prepared by our skilled chefs. As we gather for dinner, we will share stories and experiences, forging bonds that last a lifetime.

The Choquequirao Trek is more than a hike; it’s a journey of discovery and personal triumph. Together, we’ll conquer challenging terrains, visit hidden wonders, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Join us, and let’s embark on an adventure that will surpass every expectation.

From US$ 497

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Important information


  • Transportation: We provide all necessary transportation for the duration of the trek. This includes a private van transfer from your hotel in Cusco to the trek’s starting point and back.
  • Experienced Guides: Our team consists of knowledgeable and experienced English-speaking guides. All our guides are well-versed in the history, culture, and geography of the region. They will provide insightful commentary and ensure your safety throughout the trek.
  • Porters and Horsemen: To ease your burden, we include the services of porters and horsemen. They will carry the camping equipment, food supplies, and your personal belongings (within a specified weight limit) throughout the trek.
  • Accommodation: Each night, you will stay in comfortable tents that are set up and taken down by our team. These are high-quality tents designed to withstand the varied weather conditions of the Andes.
  • Meals: All meals are included from breakfast on the first day to lunch on the last day. Our chefs prepare delicious and nutritious meals suitable for the demands of trekking. We cater to dietary restrictions and preferences with prior notice.
  • Camping Equipment: We provide high-quality camping equipment, including tents, sleeping mats, and other necessary camping gear. You will need to bring your own sleeping bag, which can also be rented from us if needed.
  • First Aid and Emergency Equipment: Safety is our priority. We carry a first-aid kit and emergency equipment, including a portable oxygen tank and emergency radios.
  • Entrance Fees: The package covers all entrance fees to the Choquequirao archaeological site and other attractions included in the itinerary.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We adhere to eco-friendly practices to minimize our environmental impact. This includes proper waste disposal and respecting local wildlife and flora.


  • Sleeping Bags: Typically, sleeping bags are not provided. Trekkers are expected to bring their own or they can often be rented for an additional fee.
  • Travel Insurance: It is highly recommended for trekkers to have comprehensive travel insurance for the duration of the trek. This insurance is not included in the trek package and should be arranged independently.
  • Personal Trekking Gear: Items such as trekking poles, hiking boots, backpacks, and other personal trekking equipment are not included. Trekkers need to bring these items themselves.
  • Meals in Cities: Meals in Cusco or other cities before and after the trek are not included.
  • Tips for Guides and Staff: Tipping for guides, porters, and other staff is customary in trekking expeditions. Tipping is not mandatory and the amount is left to the discretion of the trekkers.
  • Additional Snacks and Drinks: While main meals are included, any extra snacks or special drinks (outside of water and standard beverages provided at meals) are not included.
  • Extra Activities or Side Trips: Any activities or side trips that are not part of the standard trek itinerary are not included. These might require additional fees if you choose to participate.
  • Transportation Outside of Trek Itinerary: Any transportation not related to the trek, such as airport transfers or travel to and from Cusco (if you are arriving from another city), is not included.
  • Extra Nights of Accommodation: Accommodation is provided for the duration of the trek only.
  • Emergency Evacuation and Medical Costs: In the unlikely event of an emergency evacuation or any medical treatment not covered by the first aid provided, the costs incurred are not included.

Recommend to carry

  • Backpack: A comfortable, fitting backpack with a good support system. A 30-40 liter capacity should be sufficient for your daily essentials.
  • Sleeping Bag: Suitable for temperatures down to at least 0°C (32°F). It’s possible to rent them from many trekking companies if you don’t want to bring your own.
  • Trekking Poles: Helpful for navigating the steep and uneven terrain. They reduce the impact on your knees and improve balance.
  • Footwear: Good quality, well-fitting hiking boots with ankle support. Make sure they are worn-in to prevent blisters.
  • Clothing: Layering is key.
    • Base layers: Moisture-wicking fabric is best.
    • Insulating layers: Fleece or down jacket for cold evenings.
    • Outer layer: Waterproof and windproof jacket.
    • Trekking pants and shorts.
    • Moisture-wicking underwear.
  • Hat and Gloves: A brimmed hat for sun protection and a warm hat for cold evenings, along with a pair of gloves.
  • Socks: Several pairs of wool or moisture-wicking socks to keep your feet dry and comfortable.
  • Personal Medication and First Aid Kit: Include any personal medication, plasters for blisters, painkillers, altitude sickness medication, and basic first aid items.
  • Hydration: Water bottles or a hydration bladder with at least a 2-liter capacity. Water purification tablets or a water filter as a backup.
  • Sun Protection: High SPF sunscreen, lip balm with sun protection, and sunglasses.
  • Insect Repellent: Especially important in the lower elevations and jungle areas.
  • Headlamp or Flashlight: With extra batteries.
  • Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, toilet paper, and other personal hygiene items. Biodegradable soap is recommended.
  • Snacks: Energy bars, trail mix, or your preferred snacks to keep your energy up between meals.
  • Camera: With extra batteries or a power bank.
  • Rain Gear: A good quality raincoat or poncho to protect against rain and wind.
  • Cash: For tipping, snacks, and souvenirs along the way.
  • Travel Documents: Passport, travel insurance details, and any other necessary documents.
  • Small Towel and/or Wet Wipes: For personal hygiene.
  • Warm Clothing for Nighttime: It can get quite cold in the evenings and at higher elevations.


On the second day of our captivating Choquequirao Trek with 69 Explorer, we rise early for breakfast, energizing ourselves for the day ahead. Post-breakfast, we begin our journey by crossing a bridge, marking the start of an exhilarating uphill hike. For the next 4 hours, we will ascend through the stunning landscape, each step bringing us closer to the remarkable history and natural beauty of the region.

Our morning hike takes us all the way to Marampata, where we will indulge in a well-deserved lunch. While we eat take the opportunity to appreciate the ruins of Choquequirao in the background. This moment offers us not just a chance to refuel but also to appreciate the magnitude of the ancient Inca civilization.

After lunch, our journey continues with a short walk to our second evening’s campsite, located just 20 minutes from the ruins. This proximity to Choquequirao allows us an exclusive opportunity to enjoy the view of the ruins into the late evening. As dusk falls, we will witness the breathtaking sight of condors soaring on the winds from the canyon, a truly unforgettable experience.

The second day of our trek is both challenging and rewarding, as we immerse ourselves in the heart of the Andes. Settling in for the night at our campsite, we will reflect on the day’s achievements and look forward to the adventures that await us.

Key statistics of the second day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Total Distance Covered: Approximately 8 km (5 mi)
  • Starting Altitude: Playa Rosalinas at 2,061 m (6,762 ft)
  • Ending Altitude: Campsite near Choquequirao at around 2,950 m (9,678 ft)
  • Highest Altitude: Marampata at around 2,950 m (9,678 ft)
  • Level of Difficulty: Challenging, with a focus on uphill trekking

Our second day on the Choquequirao Trek with 69 Explorer is a testament to the awe-inspiring blend of natural beauty and historical significance that this journey offers. As we rest near the ancient ruins, we are not just closer to a significant archaeological site but also to understanding the rich tapestry of the Andean landscape and its ancient inhabitants.

On the second day of your Choquequirao Trek in Peru, a morning filled with discovery and awe awaits. Rise early, greeted by a hot mug of tea or coffee delivered right to your tent. After savoring a hearty breakfast, we will embark on our journey, starting with a stimulating 2-hour uphill walk to the rural village of Maranpata, perched at an elevation of 2,850 meters (9,350 feet).

As we trek, immerse yourself in the surrounding natural beauty, traversing through a micro-climate rich in a diverse array of flora and fauna. This path leads us to the day’s ultimate destination, the magnificent archeological site of Choquequirao. Upon arriving, we will relax and refuel with lunch, preparing for an enriching afternoon ahead.

In the afternoon, we will delve into a private guided tour of Choquequirao. We’ll explore all the critical sections of this ancient site, including the palaces, temple, ritual water fountains, the impressive Usnu (ceremonial platform), agricultural terraces, and the unique llama’s section. Your guide will enrich your experience with fascinating stories and historical insights about Choquequirao, bringing the past to life.

After a day filled with exploration and learning, we will return to our campsite at Maranpata, approximately a 1.5-hour walk from the Choquequirao ruins. Here, unwind with tea time followed by a delightful dinner, reflecting on the day’s adventures.

Statistics of the second day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Distance Covered: From Santa Rosa to Maranpata and Choquequirao
  • Highest Altitude: Choquequirao at 3,050 m (10,006 ft)
  • Lowest Altitude: Start at Maranpata, 2,850 m (9,350 ft)
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, with a focus on uphill trekking
  • Highlights: Diverse ecosystems, Choquequirao archeological site, panoramic views

Embrace the second day of your Choquequirao Trek as a journey through time and nature, offering an unparalleled experience in the heart of Choquequirao, Peru.

On the third day of the hike we’ll explore Choquequirao. This day promises to be a highlight, immersing us in the depths of Incan history and culture.

After enjoying a nourishing breakfast at our campsite, we will venture to the Choquequirao ruins. These ruins, sprawling and majestic, are three times the size of the famous Machu Picchu. The site, still shrouded in the dense jungle, continues to reveal new sections, making every visit a unique experience. We will spend the entire day here, allowing us ample time to delve into its many wonders.

Choquequirao, meaning “Cradle of Gold” in the Quechua language, stands as a testament to the Inca civilization’s architectural prowess. Perched high on a ridge, nearly 1,750 m (5,741 ft) above the Apurimac River, it offers breathtaking views of the surrounding Salkantay and Humantay peaks. We will have a private guided tour of the site, exploring the temples, terraces, palaces, the llamas’ section, and much more. This is an opportunity to learn about the ongoing excavations and restorations that began in the 1990s. Only about 30% of the site has been restored, archaeologists continue to make new discoveries even to this day

Following our thorough explorations of Choquequirao, we will return to the same campsite for the evening. Here, drinks and appetizers await us, offering a chance to relax and reflect on the day’s adventures before enjoying our dinner. We will spend our last night next to these enchanting ruins, under the mesmerizing southern stars, a fitting end to an extraordinary day.

Key statistics of the third day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Total Distance Covered: Minimal as the day is focused on exploring the ruins
  • Starting and Ending Altitude: Campsite near Choquequirao at around 2,950 m (9,678 ft)
  • Highest Altitude: Choquequirao ruins at around 3,050 m (10,000 ft)
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, primarily due to exploration rather than trekking

The third day of our trek offers a profound connection with the ancient Inca civilization and the natural beauty of the Andes. As we explore Choquequirao, we are not just walking through ruins; we are walking through history, uncovering the secrets of a past civilization under the Andean sky.

On the fourth day of our Choquequirao, we embark on the return journey towards Cusco, filled with scenic views and natural wonders. This day combines both physical challenge and the opportunity to appreciate the diverse landscapes of the Andes.

We start our day with an early breakfast, energizing ourselves for the trek ahead. Our first leg of the journey takes us back to Marampata, a two-hour trek where we will revisit the stunning canyon of Apurimac. Along the way, our guide will highlight the beautiful flora and fauna, some of which we might have missed during our initial journey. This part of the trek offers us a chance to see impressive waterfalls and witness the clouds lifting from the bottom of the canyon. If the weather is favorable, we will enjoy the spectacular landscapes that define the Andes.

From Marampata, we begin a challenging 4-hour steep downhill hike to La Playa. This section of the trek, requiring trekking poles, is both demanding and rewarding. Halfway down, we will take a break to enjoy fresh fruit farmed in the area, with cactus fruit as the main attraction. This break not only provides a chance to rest but also to appreciate the local agricultural practices.

Upon reaching La Playa, we will enjoy a well-deserved lunch. The journey then continues with a 2-hour uphill trek to Chikiska Camp. This camp offers a glimpse into the rural lifestyle of the Andean people as its situated in the backyard of one of their homes.

During our trek, there is also a possibility of encountering wildlife such as spectacled bears, condors, and hummingbirds, adding an element of excitement to our adventure.

Key statistics of the fourth day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Total Distance Covered: Approximately 18 km (11.2 mi)
  • Starting Altitude: Campsite near Choquequirao at around 2,950 m (9,678 ft)
  • Highest Altitude: Marampata at around 2,950 m (9,678 ft)
  • Lowest Altitude: La Playa
  • Level of Difficulty: Challenging, with both downhill and uphill sections

The fourth day of our Choquequirao Trek with 69 Explorer is a blend of physical exertion and the enjoyment of the Andean landscape’s natural beauty. As we move closer to the end of our journey, we carry with us the memories of the stunning vistas and the rich biodiversity of this unique region.

As we embark on the final day of our unforgettable Choquequirao Trek with 69 Explorer, we prepare ourselves for the journey back to Cusco. This day marks the culmination of our adventure, filled with personal achievements and memorable experiences.

After waking up to an early breakfast, we will get ready for the last stretch of our trek. The day begins with a four-hour uphill hike. This final ascent is a testament to the resilience and strength we have built over the past few days. As we trek, we will have the opportunity to reflect on the incredible journey we have undertaken, surrounded by the beauty of the Peruvian Andes.

Upon reaching the end of our trek, we will enjoy our last lunch together with our tour guide, porters, and horsemen. This moment is not just about the meal, but a chance to express our gratitude to the team who have been instrumental in making our journey through the Choquequirao Trek a success.

After lunch, we bid farewell to our SAM Travel Peru team and continue with our tour guide towards Cusco. This return journey allows us to relax and reminisce about the adventure we have just completed. Our trek concludes by 18:00, marking the end of an extraordinary journey through one of Peru’s most stunning and culturally rich landscapes.

Key statistics of the fifth day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Total Distance Covered: Approximately 8 km (5 m)
  • Starting Altitude: Chikiska Camp
  • Highest Altitude: Capuliyoc
  • Lowest Altitude: Cusco
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, primarily uphill hiking

The fifth day of our journey with 69 Explorer brings a sense of accomplishment and a collection of memories from the Choquequirao Trek. As we return to Cusco, we carry with us not only the physical triumph of completing the trek but also a deeper appreciation for the natural beauty and historical significance of the Andes.


The Choquequirao Trek is challenging due to its steep ascents and descents. The high altitude, and long trekking distances each day also make it a challenge.

Choquequirao is at 3,050 m (10,000 ft).

The best time to trek to Choquequirao is during the dry season, which runs from April to October. The weather is generally clearer and trails are less muddy.

No you do not need a guide to hike to Choquequirao.

Essential items include a good backpack, sleeping bag, trekking poles, hiking boots, layered clothing, rain gear, sun protection, hydration supplies, snacks, personal medication, and a first aid kit. A detailed packing list is provided in the itinerary.

Permits are not required for the Choquequirao Trek.

Spend a few days in Cusco or another high-altitude area before starting the trek to acclimatize. Avoid strenuous activity and drink plenty of water during this period.

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