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Choquequirao Trek 4 days

Capuliyoc, Playa Rosalinas, Maranpata, Choquequirao, Chiquisqa
Duration 4 days - 3 nights
Travel Style Adventure, hike, Trekking
Difficulty Moderate
Group size Min 2 - Max 8

Embark on an unforgettable journey with 69 Explorer, as we guide you through the majestic Choquequirao Trek. Nestled in the heart of the Peruvian Andes, this trek is a hidden gem waiting to be explored.

Choquequirao, meaning “Cradle of Gold” in Quechua, is a vast Incan ruin complex that will transport you back in time. Starting in the historic Cusco region, we will traverse the same paths once walked by the Incas. The Choquequirao Trek, unlike the more frequented Inca Trail, offers a unique and serene experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in the tranquility of South America’s stunning wilderness.

Our journey begins with a scenic drive from Cusco to Capuliyoc, where we’ll catch our first glimpse of the Apurímac Canyon, a marvel of nature. From there, we will descend towards the Apurímac River, feeling the rush of anticipation as each step brings us closer to the ‘Cradle of Gold’.

Navigating through the diverse landscapes, we will encounter the contrasting climates of the Peruvian Andes. Whether it’s the dry season or the rainy season, each offers a unique backdrop to our trek. Our expert tour guides, well-versed in high-altitude trekking, will ensure your safety and comfort throughout the journey.

Discover the Hidden Wonders of the Inca Empire: A Journey to Choquequirao

The highlight of our trek is the full day we will spend exploring the ruins of Choquequirao. This site, lesser-known compared to its counterpart Machu Picchu, stands as a testament to Inca engineering and culture. Here, amidst the expansive terraces and sacred temples, we will delve into the rich history of the Inca civilization.

As we trek, we will experience the thrill of crossing the Rio Blanco and ascending to higher altitudes, each step filled with awe-inspiring views and the essence of adventure. Don’t forget to capture these moments, as they’ll be memories to cherish for a lifetime.

For those seeking an added thrill, our trek includes an optional ride on a cable car across the canyon, offering a bird’s-eye view of this stunning landscape.

As we conclude our journey, we will reflect on the incredible experience of hiking through one of South America’s most spectacular trails. The Choquequirao Trek is more than just a hike; it’s a journey through history, culture, and nature, carefully curated by 69 Explorer, your trusted tour operator.

So, we invite you to join us on this remarkable adventure. Let’s explore the hidden wonders of Choquequirao together, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

From US$ 397

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Important information


  • Professional Guide: Experienced, English-speaking guides who are knowledgeable about the trail, local culture, and history of Choquequirao.
  • Transportation: Round-trip transportation from Cusco to the start and end points of the trek.
  • Accommodation: Tents for overnight camping along the trek. These are usually high-quality, weather-resistant tents.
  • Meals: Our treks include all main meals during the trekking days (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). The food is a mix of local and international cuisine, catered to provide the energy needed for the hike.
  • Porters and Horsemen: Support staff to carry equipment, food, and personal belongings.
  • Cooking Equipment and Staff: Includes chefs who prepare meals, as well as all necessary cooking gear.
  • Entrance Fees: Any required entrance fees to the Choquequirao site and other included attractions.
  • Camping Equipment: Apart from tents, this includes sleeping pads/mats, dining tents, kitchen tents, and toilet tents.
  • First Aid and Emergency Equipment: Guides carry a first-aid kit for basic medical situations and emergency equipment, if needed.
  • Water: Provision of clean drinking water throughout the trek.


  • Travel Insurance: Highly recommended but, not included.
  • Airfare: Flights are not included.
  • Accommodation in Cusco: Hotel stays are not included
  • Meals in Cities: Meals in Cusco or other cities before and after the trek are not included.
  • Sleeping Bags: You will require you to bring your own or rent one for an additional fee.
  • Trekking Poles: Available for rent at an extra cost.
  • Personal Clothing and Gear: Hiking boots, clothing, backpacks, and other personal gear are the responsibility of the trekker.
  • Tips for Guides and Support Staff: Gratuity for the guides, cooks, and porters is not included and is at the discretion of the trekker.
  • Extra Snacks and Drinks: While main meals are included, extra snacks, alcoholic beverages, and bottled drinks are not.
  • Personal Expenses: Any additional expenses such as souvenirs, laundry services, or additional tours are not included.
  • Emergency Transportation: If you need to leave the trek early due to illness or other reasons, the cost of emergency transport is not covered.
  • Entrance Fees for Optional Sites: Some side trips or additional archaeological sites do have entrance fees not included in the trek package.

Recommend to carry

  • Clothing:
    • Moisture-wicking base layers (top and bottom).
    • Warm mid-layer (fleece or down jacket).
    • Trekking pants and shorts.
    • Waterproof and windproof jacket.
    •  Thermal underwear for colder nights.
    • Sun hat or cap.
  • Footwear:
    • Sturdy hiking boots (broken in).
    • Comfortable camp shoes or sandals.
    • Hiking socks (and a few extra pairs).
  • Personal Hygiene Items:
    • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
    • Biodegradable soap.
    • Wet wipes or biodegradable wet towels.
    • Toilet paper.
    • Hand sanitizer.
  • First Aid Kit:
    • Band-aids.
    • Antiseptic wipes.
    • Blister plasters.
    • Pain relievers.
    • Personal medications.
  • For the walk:
    • Trekking poles (optional but recommended).
    • Camera with extra batteries/memory cards.
    • Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries.
    • Power bank for charging electronic devices.
    • Lightweight towel.
    • Ziploc bags for trash and keeping things dry.
    • Spare plastic bags for dirty clothes.
  • Documents and Money:
    • Passport.
    • Insurance details.
    • Cash (for tips, snacks, souvenirs, and emergencies).


Embark on the first day of your unforgettable Choquequirao Trek in Peru, starting early at 4:30 am. Feel the excitement build as your guide collects you from your hotel, readying you for the journey ahead. Settle into our private van for a scenic 4-hour drive to Capuliyoc, located at an elevation of 2,850 m (9,407 ft). During the drive, marvel at the beautiful vistas of quaint villages, verdant valleys, and the majestic snow-capped mountains.

Upon arrival at Capuliyoc, we will join forces with our horsemen and efficiently pack our equipment onto the horses. We ensure you only need to carry a small daypack, filled with your trail essentials. The real adventure begins as we start trekking towards Playa Rosalinas, situated at 1,475 m (4,840 ft). This part of the journey promises awe-inspiring views of the Apurimac Canyon and towering mountain peaks like Padreyoc, which stands at an impressive 5,571 m (18,387 ft).

After reaching Playa Rosalinas, we’ll take a well-deserved break and enjoy a nourishing lunch. The afternoon challenges us with a two-hour ascent to our first campsite at Santa Rosa, positioned at 1,900 m (6,234 ft). You’ll have ample time to settle into your tents, already prepared for your comfort, before we gather for dinner under the stars.

Statistics of the first day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Distance Covered: Capuliyoc to Santa Rosa
  • Highest Altitude: Capuliyoc at 2,850 m (9,407 ft)
  • Lowest Altitude: Playa Rosalinas at 1,475 m (4,840 ft)
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate to challenging, with downhill and uphill trekking
  • Scenic Highlights: Apurimac Canyon, Padreyoc peak, and diverse landscapes

This first day of the Choquequirao Trek promises a blend of physical challenge, natural beauty, and the thrill of adventure in the heart of Peru.

On the second day of your Choquequirao Trek in Peru, a morning filled with discovery and awe awaits. Rise early, greeted by a hot mug of tea or coffee delivered right to your tent. After savoring a hearty breakfast, we will embark on our journey, starting with a stimulating 2-hour uphill walk to the rural village of Maranpata, perched at an elevation of 2,850 m (9,350 ft).

As we trek, immerse yourself in the surrounding natural beauty, traversing through a micro-climate rich in a diverse array of flora and fauna. This path leads us to the day’s ultimate destination, the magnificent archeological site of Choquequirao. Upon arriving, we will relax and refuel with lunch, preparing for an enriching afternoon ahead.

In the afternoon, we will delve into a private guided tour of Choquequirao. Prepare to be captivated as we explore all the critical sections of this ancient site, including the palaces, temple, ritual water fountains, the impressive Usnu (ceremonial platform), agricultural terraces, and the unique llama’s section. Your guide will enrich your experience with fascinating stories and historical insights about Choquequirao, bringing the past to life.

After a day filled with exploration and learning, we will return to our campsite at Maranpata, approximately a 1.5-hour walk from the Choquequirao ruins. Here, unwind with tea time followed by a delightful dinner, reflecting on the day’s adventures.

Statistics of the second day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Distance Covered: From Santa Rosa to Maranpata and Choquequirao
  • Highest Altitude: Choquequirao at 3,050 m (10,006 ft)
  • Lowest Altitude: Start at Maranpata, 2,850 m (9,350 ft)
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, with a focus on uphill trekking
  • Highlights: Diverse ecosystems, Choquequirao archeological site, panoramic views

Embrace the second day of your Choquequirao Trek as a journey through time and nature, offering an unparalleled experience in the heart of Choquequirao, Peru.

Day three of your Choquequirao Trek in Peru promises a blend of natural wonder and physical endurance. After waking up to the serene surroundings, we will kickstart the day with an early breakfast, fueling ourselves for the day’s trek. 

Our journey begins with a descent towards the Apurimac River, located at 1,550 m (5,117 ft). This two-hour trek takes us closer to one of the most sacred rivers in traditional Inca beliefs. As we near the river, you’ll be captivated by its formidable strength and power, a testament to the awe-inspiring natural beauty of Peru.

The adventure continues as we then embark on an uphill walk. This 1-hour ascent will lead us to our third campsite at Chiquisca, situated at an elevation of 1,990 m (6,270 ft). Here, the experience of the trek is enhanced by the care and preparation of our team. Your tents will be ready, offering a comfortable respite after the day’s exertions. Relax and rejuvenate with hot drinks and appetizers, a perfect way to unwind and reflect on the day’s journey.

Statistics of the third day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Distance Covered: From Maranpata to the Apurimac River and then to Chiquisca
  • Highest Altitude: Start at Maranpata, 2,850 m (9,350 ft)
  • Lowest Altitude: Apurimac River at 1,550 m (5,117 ft)
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, featuring downhill and uphill trekking
  • Scenic Highlights: Apurimac River views, varied landscapes

As you traverse through these dynamic landscapes on the third day of the Choquequirao Trek, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for both the cultural and natural wonders of the region.

On the fourth and final day of your Choquequirao Trek in Peru, prepare for a day filled with scenic beauty and historical exploration. After enjoying a delicious breakfast at our campsite, we will set out on our trek towards the Capuliyoc Pass.

The walk to the Capuliyoc Pass involves a moderately difficult hill, challenging yet rewarding. As we ascend, the anticipation builds until we reach the pass itself. Here, at Capuliyoc, pause and soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and the deep, majestic Apurimac Canyon.

Having captured these memorable vistas, we will then proceed to Cachora, located at an elevation of 2,850 m (9,407 ft), for a well-deserved lunch. This is a time to relax and reflect on the journey you’ve undertaken, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the Andes.

Our adventure continues as we take our private transport to the archeological site of Saywite. Here, we’ll spend ample time exploring this lesser-known yet fascinating site, rich in history and cultural significance.

Finally, as the day winds down, our van will escort us back to Cusco. You’ll be comfortably transported to your hotel, arriving in the evening around 6 pm, bringing our incredible journey to a close.

Statistics of the fourth day of the Choquequirao Trek:

  • Distance Covered: From Chiquisca to Capuliyoc and then to Cachora
  • Highest Altitude: Capuliyoc Pass, same as Cachora at 2,850 m (9,407 ft)
  • Lowest Altitude: Start at Chiquisca
  • Level of Difficulty: Moderate, primarily uphill to Capuliyoc Pass
  • Highlights: Panoramic views from Capuliyoc, exploration of Saywite archeological site

This final day of the Choquequirao Trek encapsulates the essence of adventure, combining physical trekking with cultural exploration, set against the stunning backdrop of Choquequirao, Peru.


The Choquequirao Trek is a challenging multi-day hike in Peru that leads to the Choquequirao ruins, often referred to as the ‘sister city’ of Machu Picchu.

The trek is typically 4 to 5 days long, covering a round trip from Cusco to the Choquequirao site and back.

The trek is considered challenging due to its steep ascents and descents, high altitude, and length. It requires a good level of fitness.

The best time is during the dry season, from May to October, when there’s less rain and clearer paths.

No permit is required for the Choquequirao Trek, unlike the Inca Trail.

While it’s possible to do the trek without a guide, it’s not recommended due to the challenging nature of the trail. A guide ensures safety and provides valuable information about the area.

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