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69 explorer Regenerative Commitment

Sustainable Travel

We believe in responsible tourism. Our tours are designed to respect the local communities and environment, ensuring a positive impact. They are also designed to give you the best possible experience of Peru while maintaining a great price, and a level of integrity that supports the Peru of now, and the Peru of the future.

Our sustainable practices focus predominantly on three different branches of sustainability: environmental, cultural and community.

Peru is its mountains and rivers. The indigenous communities that farm the land and weave traditional clothing are at the heart of Peru. Peru is the dances and celebrations you can see in the Plaza de Armas. Peru is more than a sum of its parts, but these parts must be protected.

To love something is to share it, and to protect it. Our sustainable practices allow us to share and preserve these incredible lands for generations to come.


Providing world class tours and treks with the highest international standards. A luxurious service, that only includes the very best of what Peru has to offer


Being part of the exclusive leaders in Peru’s tourism sector by the year 2024. As well as being recognized for the quality of our services. To be the main contributors to social and economic development in our country.


Maintaining responsible business practices while treating all of our staff and clients with the utmost respect.

Respecting the landscapes and wildernesses that we explore by leaving as little ans impact as possible. Pack it in pack it out, take only pictures and leave on footprints.

Trash Cleanup

Each year we host a day dedicated to cleaning up rubbish along some of the trails we use. This helps to keep the routes looking good for future trekkers, and helps to maintain the integrity of the area out of respect for the wildlife and locals.

While we always ensure that we take all of our trash with us, the same cannot be said for other companies, which make cleanups such as these necessary.

These trash cleanups also help to ensure that every team member knows the routes, and that locals welcome us onto their lands. As well as the obvious bonus of caring for the environment.

education campaigns

Education Campaigns

We believe that education is for everyone, but unfortunately that is not always the reality in Peru. While in rural villages there is a fantastic increase in the amount of children who have access to schools, there are other pitfalls to face.

A big one of these pitfalls is school supplies. In rural villages it can be very difficult and expensive to get hold of things like paper, pencils, and very basic supplies that many people take for granted. Because of this, we visit these communities at least once a year to ensure every child has what they need in order to flourish in school.

We also run annual trips to Machu Picchu and other important historical sites, so that children from rural communities can learn about their own history and culture- something that is sadly overlooked by many other agencies.

This provides incredible experiences for Peruvian children to really learn about Peru and what it means, not just to Peruvians, but to the rest of the world. We firmly believe that Machu Picchu should be accessible to everyone, especially locals.

Christmas Campaigns

Each Christmas we head out into rural Peru. In areas like this, poverty is rampant and the way of life that we all take for granted simply does not exist. There are no toy shops, and Christmas can often be forgotten, as families that are already living day to day have little to offer on days such as these.

We believe that everyone has the right to experience a little christmas cheer so in December we visit some of these rural villages. We bring gifts for the children, and make a huge batch of hot chocolate for the whole village to enjoy with a side of Paneton, the traditional Peruvian christmas cake.

The world is changing and sustainability must be considered, and while we do focus heavily on environmental sustainability, we’re also deeply involved with community and cultural sustainability.

69 Explorer chooses to work with rural communities, not just to provide them with gifts at christmas and community cleanups, but to work as porters, chefs, and guides alike. We provide desperately important career opportunities, allowing these communities to continue to flourish.

We love Peru, and everything that we do as a company is geared to showcasing and preserving everything that we love about this incredible country.

christmas campaigns

Tree Planting Initiative

We have a long history of helping with the reforestation efforts in Peru. Like much of the world, Peru has suffered greatly from deforestation across both the jungle and the highlands. While many know of the effects of deforestation in the jungle, the highlands are not as concerned globally.

That doesn’t mean that deforestation in the Andes doesn’t pose huge issues. A lack of trees means that landslides are more likely, which can harm and even decimate rural communities. Earthquakes and landslides are extremely common in Peru, and have been known to have devastating effects.

It also pushes wildlife into spaces where there are still trees. This makes their habitable area smaller and poses a danger to delicate ecosystems in the Andes. It ignites a threat to already endangered species and forces them to live in much closer quarters with predators, as well as imposing food scarcity.

A lack of trees can also lead to unsafe and unclean water, and in extreme cases, the rivers either drying up or retreating underground. This adds complications for local communities as they need water, not just to drink, but also to help grow their crops and sustain the livestock they rely on for food, income, and wool to make clothes.

These are just a few of the many reasons that we believe it is incredibly important to ensure that the Andes will be safe and secure for all those who live there and visit for the coming years. Tree planting is a fantastic and lasting way to accomplish this.

We look after the Andes so that the Andes will look after us, and our children for many years to come. Please contact us if you would like to know more about tree planting in Peru and how you can get involved.

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Sustainable Travel

We believe in responsible tourism. Our tours are designed to respect the local communities and environment, ensuring a positive impact.