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Food on the Inca Trail 69 Explorer Peru

March 23, 2024
Food on the Inca Trail 69 explorer - 69explorer

69 Explorer is well known for our incredible food and exceptional service while on the Inca Trail trek. Every single one of our chefs are specially trained in creating incredible meals, and while they specialize in Peruvian cuisine, there is a sprinkling of international specialities mixed into the menu as well. In fact, our food is so good it’s one of the most common things people mention in their feedback.

The majority of food on the Inca Trail is faithful to traditional Peruvian ingredients, so you can expect things such as rice and potatoes (the Peruvian specialty!) as your carbs. For protein you’ll find chicken, pork, lamb and fish making regular appearances. Don’t worry, we have plenty of vegetarian options available as well- just let us know your dietary needs at the time of booking.

Most meals you have will be accompanied by the traditional Peruvian sauce ají. Ají is made from peruvian hot peppers and can vary in spice level, sometimes it is barely spicier than pepper- other times it’s extremely hot. Try it, but proceed with caution initially!

Example Menu while traveling on the Inca Trail:

Day 1

Breakfast: Porridge, toast with butter and jam, pancakes, fruit salad and yogurt. Your choice of hot drinks, whether it be coffee, a steaming mug of hot chocolate, or whatever your selection is from the wide variety of teas we always have available.

Lunch: Ever had a loaded jacket potato? Well in Peru we do it a little differently- instead of potatoes we use avocado. This dish is called Palta Rellena and is a must try while visiting Peru.

Once your appetite has been tickled, we move on to the soup course, quickly followed by locally sourced steamed trout with a side of red salad. There are plenty of different drinks available, including fresh juice and hot tea.

Dinner: Our first day is drawn to a close with a hot bowl of vegetable soup waiting for you, swiftly followed by a huge pile of spaghetti, and two different sauces to choose from. Topped off with a freshly made chocolate pudding and a mug of chamomile tea to send you off to sleep.

Day 2

Breakfast: We kick the day off with freshly cooked omelets with a side of bread. As always, we have plenty of hot drinks available, be it coffee, hot chocolate or a wide selection of teas.

Lunch: We begin the meal today with a delicious asparagus dish, followed by a traditional corn soup and a side of garlic bread for our appetizer. The main course is probably one of the most popular dishes in modern Peru: the Lomo Saltado (put simply, stir fried beef and vegetables), served with a side of rice.

Dinner: A classic from around the world, tonight’s dinner is chicken drumsticks with a side of rice, mashed potatoes, and fresh salad. Dessert is a traditional Peruvian pudding, similar to a flan. Once again, this is accompanied by a hot mug of tea to help you sleep.

Day 3

Breakfast: We have a super early start today, so a quick and easy breakfast of some cake. Dessert for breakfast!

Lunch: Another traditional dish this lunchtime, with Causa Rellena- flavored Peruvian potatoes made into a sort of cake-sandwich with tuna and vegetables in it. Trust me, it is fantastic. A quinoa soup follows swiftly, and a main of steak with a side of beans, salad, sweet potatoes and garlic bread.

Dinner: Our final meal in the sample menu is stuffed chicken breast- known in Peru as pollo enrollado. It is served with a side of pasta and russian salad. Dessert is peaches with jelly and wine. Tomorrow is the big day!

Whether the sample menu appeals to you or not, there are plenty of different options that may appear on your table when the time comes. The menu will be heavily dependent on what vegetables are in season and if you have specified any dietary restrictions.

Below are a few more of the dishes that we may serve:


Papa la Huancaina: A very traditional Peruvian dish, boiled and sliced potatoes served with a delicious sauce made from the ají amarillo, and served with olives, lettuce and boiled egg. It’s not spicy, but it is very flavorful.

Papa Rellena: Ground spiced meat stuffed back into a prepared potato cake and deep fried. Delicious!

Rocoto Relleno: A traditional dish from Arequipa, rocoto is a hot pepper, stuffed with a medley of meat, onions, carrots, potatoes and nuts, bound together with a milk based sauce and served with cheese.

Main Courses

Seco de Frejoles: A lamb and boiled bean stew served in a green sauce and accompanied by rice and salsa criolla (soaked red onions seasoned with lime and chili).

Roast Cuy: Guinea pig is perhaps the most famous of Peruvian delicacies and is traditionally served only on very special occasions.

Pachamanca: A traditional highland barbeque of sorts, Pachamanca is food that is cooked underground using rocks heated in a wooden fire, and buried. Typically a pachamanca consists of lamb, pork, beef, potatoes, sweet potatoes and either a tamale or a humita (a sweeter, Peruvian version of the tamale).

Arroz con Pollo: The Peruvian special, rice and chicken but cooked in a delicious combination of herbs and spices makes for a dish that you’re not quite sure what it is, but you know you want more of it.