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2024 Inca Trail Permits & Availability

The Adventure Starts Now

One of the most famous treks in the entire world, the Inca Trail is a must for all those who crave epic adventure, to lose themselves in history, or to embark on a pilgrimage to the one, the only, Machu Picchu.

As one might expect from a world-famous trek, the Inca Trail requires permits. This is to stop the route getting overrun, worn down, and to maintain conservation efforts within the area.

69 Explorer guarantees departures with a minimum of 2 trekkers for group tours. We will never put more than 12 travelers in a group.

Need to Know Information About the Inca Trail

Permits: Every single person who hikes the Inca Trail must have a permit to do so. As permits are limited, it is strongly recommended to book in advance – particularly during the high season.

Getting a Permit: As the Inca Trail is so heavily regulated, it is only possible to get a permit through a licensed tour operator. It is not possible for trekkers to get their own permit, and it is not possible to hike the route without a licensed guide.

High Season: High season for the Inca Trail runs May through to September, with June and July the busiest of all. It’s recommended to book 5-6 months in advance to secure your permit.

Low Season: November to March is the low season, so it’s possible to book your ticket with little less time at your back. The weather can be a little less agreeable in this time period though, so be sure to pack a raincoat.

Closure: The Inca Trail is closed in February for annual maintenance. It is also the peak of the rainy season, which increases the risk of landslides and can affect the integrity of the trail itself. No permits are issued for this month.

Short Inca Trail: The short Inca Trail doesn’t require quite as much advanced booking as the longer route, but it’s still a good idea to secure your place a few months in advance.

Alternative Dates: When making your enquiry, try to have at least two alternative dates ready. We always endeavor to secure your first choice, but as we have mentioned, the permits often end up selling out. Providing us with alternative dates will speed up the booking process if your initial date is not available.

What if the Inca Trail is Sold Out?

Since it is very common for the Inca trail to sell out quickly, it’s unfortunately very common for people to miss out on their permits. If you come with a flexible schedule then you are more likely to be able to get on the trail. However, if you have particular dates or the entire month sells out and you miss your opportunity, there are alternative treks available.

These treks can be far less crowded than the Inca Trail, but not always. The Salkantay Trek, the most popular alternative to the Inca Trail, has no limit to the number of people who can trek per day so can be even busier than the Inca Trail.

That’s why at 69 Explorer we use slightly different routes to the majority of other companies. This guarantees that you have the same incredible views as other trekkers, without hundreds of other people trying to grab the same snaps as you.

We also offer fan favorites like the Lares Trek, which explores the Lares Valley and passes through remote villages where you have the chance to interact with locals. Or if you’re looking for something a bit more off the beaten path, we have a few things for truly adventurous spirits, one of which is Choquequirao to Machu Picchu.

Choquequirao is a set of ruins similar to Machu Picchu, but bigger, better preserved, more remote, and garnering less visits in a year than Machu Picchu gets in a day. The lack of visitors is because it is only accessible through a 4 day trek (2 days there, 2 days back). To get to Machu Picchu from Choquequirao you must traverse deep into the mountains for multiple days.

The Choquequirao to Machu Picchu Trek probably has about the same number of people traveling it in a year that Choquequirao gets in a month. So, if you want something truly off the beaten track, this is the trek for you.

If the Choquequirao trek sounds up your street but the 7 days of trekking through the wilderness is too intense for you (understandable) then consider the Huchuy Qosqo to Machu Picchu trek. While these ruins are a little less impressive, the walk is beautiful and while you feel a sense of remoteness, you’re never really too far from the nearest village.

Oh, and it’s just three days- so much more palatable for those who are worried about distance.

Check out the full tour descriptions below:

The Importance of Passports & Potential Changes

In order to purchase your permits, we will need a copy of your passport. It is impossible to book an Inca Trail without a passport, so please have the information ready at the time of booking.

If you have to renew your passport, or if you happen to change your name in the meantime, you must bring both the new and the old passport with you to Peru. Make sure that you enter the country with the new passport, but use the old passport to enter the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.

 Alternatively, you can send copies of both the original and the new passports before you arrive. It is possible to change the passport number, with a fee of $25 per passport. This will cover the change to your Inca Trail permit, your entrance ticket to Machu Picchu, and your train ticket back to Ollantaytambo.

Passports MUST be valid for a minimum of 6 months from your entry date to Peru

Booking as a Student

It is possible to get a student discount while traveling on the Inca Trail, however you must send us a copy at the time of booking. If you do not bring your student card with you on the trek then you risk not being allowed on the trail at all. You are not allowed to pay the difference and carry on. This is government regulation.

Inca Trail FAQs

No, you cannot. Once we receive the deposit, we purchase the permits and entrance fees. The government does not allow for permit changes after the purchase. Refunds and transfers are also not allowed, so please make sure that you are certain of the date you wish to travel on before paying your deposit!

There are a maximum number of 500 permits per day for the Inca Trail. This number isn’t only trekkers, the number also includes guides, porters, cooks, and all other staff members who may be on the trail.

The trail does not allow donkeys or pack horses, so all equipment, food, and luggage is carried by the porters. Both the decision to not allow horses, and the maximum number of permits is done in an effort to preserve the trail.

The trail is a very important part of Peru and Incan culture, so maintaining the preservation of it is paramount. Please take care while hiking the route.

*The Inca Trail is an incredible experience for all travelers, and guarantees to leave you with life long memories. We’re here to help you make this adventure of a lifetime the best it can be. Get in touch with us today to reserve your place*

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