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Inca Trail tour Companies

March 23, 2024
Inca Trail tour companies 2024 - 69explorer

Every company that operates the Inca Trail must be registered and have authorization from SERNANP (the National Service of Natural State Protected Areas). If the company is not officially registered, then they are a third party provider, passing your business on to a registered company.

So, save yourself some money and head directly to a registered company. In 2024 there are 226 travel companies authorized to operate along the Inca trail.

In order to safeguard tourists, obtaining government licensing is a complex and rigorous process. Every part of the business is assessed including:

Companies lacking a tour operator license for the Inca Trail typically fail to meet the government’s stringent standards. Agencies that have been operating the Inca Trail for several years are granted permits lasting between 7-10 years.

These agencies are well known for providing reliably high quality service, and often have daily departures. These are the companies that you should aim to travel with in order to secure a fantastic experience.

69 Explorer Peru has been operating licensed Inca Trail Treks since 2013, with our team listed under our sister company, SAM Travel Peru Expedition E.I.R.L. We are officially registered on the government’s website:

Before you book with an Inca Trail operator, remember to consider these 4 crucial points:

1. There is a Limited Number of Registered Operators: 69 Explorer is among the select few companies authorized to independently run, sell, and operate Inca Trail packages.

2. Don’t Pay More for Nothing! If the company you are thinking of booking with is not a registered provider, then you are paying a premium just to be sold to, the third party seller has no input on the quality of service you will receive.

3. Service Guarantee: Licensed tour operators like us ensure 100% service reliability by directly managing guides, chefs, porters, and drivers.

4. Direct Communication: When you book with us, you communicate directly with the professionals providing your services, enabling swift resolution of any concerns.

While all the companies listed below are reputable, our sister company, SAM Travel Peru is ranked #1 on TripAdvisor and is a local Inca Trail company headquartered in Cusco, often highly recommended for its direct service provision.

Choosing the right travel company is paramount for an unforgettable adventure. SAM Travel Peru offers a direct, local experience tailored to meet your needs. Discover why trekking with us is your best choice!